A Tribute for our wonderful NHS♥️

My father Bobby Lennox came up with this brilliant idea.

We have been out every Thursday evening clapping for our carers but no one can hear us up the Glen. So this was a great way to share our appreciation to all the wonderful staff who are fighting to save lives and beat this terrible virus.

There is so much negative news every day we just wanted to be able to share something really special that would bring a smile on everyone’s face, especially those who work on the front line.

So how did we do it……

We would love to say it was with magic or we have very well trained sheep, but really the sheep just love their food!

The sheep are fed each morning by a Snacker which is a trailer towed behind the quad bike full of sheep feed pellets. You drop pellets out and the sheep stop to munch their breakfast.

So we tried it on Mon and Tue on a different part of the hill but our view point wasn’t that great and you couldn’t identify the letters clear enough.

Today was our last attempt as the pregnant ewes are going into the shed tomorrow morning.

My husband Dougie Wilson and I went into the field in front of the house where we would get the best view. We must have taken 100 photos because the sheep constantly kept moving and eventualy we got a couple of great ones.

Kate Nicolson our niece was an important cog and was ready and set with a bucket of feed to put across the diagonal and horizontal lines as dad drove the bike and dropped the feed in the shape of the letters. He had to switch on and off the feeder at the right points to get the letters in line.

Our sheep were very well behaved and performed beautifully. To be fair where ever there is food, there they will be.

We are so grateful to everyone who has shared the post on social media, getting the message out to as many NHS workers and spread this feel good message.

We have had some really lovely messages from NHS staff all over the country who said they loved it and appreciated the support.

Stay safe and Stay at home


Kay and the Lennox of Lomond Team.


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