We are going to be on TV

BBC 2 filmed our family for a documentary series called “This Farming Life”. They started filming in September 2014 and completed filming June 2015. It basically is a year in the life of a farm. There are 4 other families who are also featured as part of this 12 episode documentary.

We’ve had the pleasure of attending the preview last December and I’m afraid it was no red carpet event, but it did come with free food and drink. Some may have indulged more than others (I’m not going to say who). So with that came a great night with lots of banter and all the families shared lots of laughter throughout the viewing of the first episode. It was quite something to see yourself on the big……well very big screen as it was like a small cinema.

The documentary mainly follows my parents Bobby and Anne Lennox of Shantron Farm, which is just across the road from the cottage. During the time of filming there were four genreations living and working on the farms. The programme shows all my family from my grandparents through to my delightful children.

Some of the footage that has been taken is incredible. We really do live in the most beautiful area and this programe really exposes our biggest asset.

The programe will air on March 7th on BBC 2 at 7pm till 8pm. It will run on a Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday evening for 4 weeks.

I hope you enjoy laughing with us….or even at us! And maybe you can come and enjoy the scenery that you will have seen during this documentary.


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