The Award Goes To..

I know I already have famous parents for their part on This Farming Life 2016 but now their faces are splashed all over social media after last night!

Dad attended the NFU Scotlands AGM and Dinner in Glasgow, little did he know he would be picking up an award!

Bobby Lennox after collecting their award Bobby Lennox after collecting their award

Bobby and Anne Lennox (aka mum and dad) were winners of the NFU Scotland and NFU Mutual Ambassadors Award.


This is also the first time a couple has been presented with this award. We all know the farmer can’t do his job with out his wife!! I mean he would starve for one thing! In dads case I don’t think he would last long on boiled eggs and if anyone saw his attempts at pancakes at The Royal Highland Show they will know he wont be surviving on his home baking efforts! Baking and cooking is but a small (but delicious) part my mum plays in this (I can say it now) Award winning partnership. Alongside running the Bed and Breakfast, she kept us kids alive, fed, watered and dragged us all up. She drives the machinery, feeds the animals, gathers the sheep with her trusty Dog Jim! does all the mingin jobs too! and still fits in time to cook the family meals, housework and homework.

Together they make a great team and we are all very proud of this massive achievement of this prestigious award for their support they have given to hill farming, the young farmers’ movement, education and tourism over many years.


Keep up the good work you two!

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